Charcuterie - Compton Bassett-style


Where Technology and Tradition meet:


Air dried ham

Charcuterie production is a wonderful mix of art and science, of passion and technology working together. Buttle Farm air dried ham (pictured left) is made with pork, salt and time - nothing else.

Housed within an old grain barn on the farm, is a state of the art, temperature and humidity controlled production facility where Robert develops quality products to his own recipes.The combination of traditional methods with the controlled environment is bringing great results – winning the Wiltshire Life Independent Food Producer of the Year in 2014.

Available:   salami, cured ham, bacon, lardons, air dried ham, pancetta, lardo.......and more.

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 How to Buy from Buttle Farm?

As well as a few select restaurants, we supply pork and charcuterie direct to the public.  To join our mailing list and receive regular updates, fill in the form to the right or click here to email me and I will add you personally. 

And it is not about copying the Europeans  – the Buttle Farm approach is that quality matters, that flavour, texture and most of all, top quality pork are the essential measures of a product.  Producing in small batches, Robert uses only Buttle Farm pigs - traditional rare breed animals, with excellent quality lean meat and flavoursome fat - that have  lived their whole lives outdoors, creating a product unlike any other. Each breed has its own characteristics that make it an individual product and everyone will have their favourite!

Fresh sliced back baconIt’s all about dry cure bacon that browns and crisps in the pan without that unappealing puddle of water, cut a little thicker to make top drawer sandwiches;  traditional brine-cured Wiltshire hams to make wonderful centrepieces for a family meal;  tasty lardons or pancetta cured with juniper and bay as ideal ingredients for adding flavour to a sauce or casserole;  meaty, flavoursome  salamis made from prime cuts of meat carefully trimmed and mixed with hand diced back fat. Simple seasoning with black pepper and a splash of red wine allows the flavours of the meat to shine through;  rows of hams air-drying. 

And if you are thinking of trying charcuterie-making yourself, Robert runs bespoke courses - tailored to your needs, hands on, and if you raise pigs yourself, you may be able to use your own pig!  Email for more information. 

Don't take our word for it - why not come and visit - meet the pigs, taste the products and find out for yourself!

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ALLERGEN ADVICE:  If you have any allergies or require information about any of the ingredients used in our curing process, please do not hesitate to ask.


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