Rare Breed Survival Trust

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust is the leading national charity working to conserve and protect the United Kingdom’s rare native breeds of farm animals from extinction. We believe in the value of the UK’s rich and varied livestock heritage and that this needs to be conserved as a vital genetic resource for future generations and the benefit of agriculture.

  • 16/06/17

    Super Simple Marinaded Kebabs

    Five Minute Prep - Asian flavour Rare breed pork kebabs - simple marinade: 500g diced

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  • 15/06/17

    New - May 2017 Farm Round-up

    At last - with a bit of rain, suddenly everything is growing ... in

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  • 30/05/17

    Flat Packs for Pigs ?

    We chose the hottest day of the month (and of the year so far)

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