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    Check out the new cottage website

    15/02/2018 See HERE for our new website featuring our gorgeous self catering holiday cottage on the farm.  It has been rated 5* Gold by VisitEngland - their highest rating - and also accredited SUPERHOST status by AirBnB!... read more

    January 2018 Farm Round Up

    01/02/2018 There was rain, snow, frost, sun, wind ... we had it all in January.  So ... at least we weren't bored!  The run-up to Christmas is always a bit frenetic - juggling the order lists, the collection and delivery schedule as well as trying to get our own Christmas ready - it's busy, but that's not a complaint, just a comment!  But, January is a delightful calm after the storm and we try to make the most of it - there is a LONG list of things to do but also a chance for a bit of downtime for us. ... read more

    2017 Annual Farm Round Up

    02/01/2018 Welcome to the Annual Round Up - a quick drive through some of the highlights of the year!December came and went in a flurry of activity - I was starting to see order spreadsheets and packs of bacon in my sleep!Christmas is the busiest time of the year for us for private orders - our customers want anything from a single pack of bacon through to huge hampers of hams, sausages, bacon and salami - one Italian customer bought salamis to take home as gifts for his family!  Our guesses on quantities worked well - we were sold out of back... read more

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