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    Unique Gift Ideas

    24/11/2017 Got a hard-to-please foodie friend?  There's always one.  Well, here are a few outrageous ideas  - gifts that you can guarantee will surprise and delight ... A distinctly NOT-BORING Gift Voucher:Don't know what they would like, or when they would like it?  Solve the problem with a Buttle Farm gift voucher.  Value from £25 any value you wish.  Especially good for those last-minute panics - we can mail direct on your behalf if you wish! For the Gourmet/Gourmand:A whole leg of 100% pedigree rare breed British air-dried ham aged for a minimum of 18 months - what a magnificent centrepiece -... read more

    NEW - October 2017 Farm Roundup

    01/11/2017 The days are growing noticeably shorter – I know it happens every year but somehow, it is still a surprise. The short-lived delight when the clocks change meaning lighter mornings – for a few weeks at least! And some spectacular evening sunsets as I dash round feeding before it gets dark.  We've moved a few pigs around this month - some have gone into new fields for the winter, to allow their other paddocks to rest up.  These Mangalitzas were having a 'field-day' (sorry!) in their new home - lots to munch on and the green stuff is still growing well... read more

    Fatty and the Family

    21/10/2017 New life on the farm - seven new arrivals in the shape of Large Black piglets!  Well done to our lovely sow who did all the hard work overnight and was up and waiting for her breakfast the next morning!... read more

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