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    NEW: July 2017 Farm Round Up

    01/08/2017 Well, just as June was perhaps one of the hottest months we have seen here on the farm, July has possibly been the dampest ... despite some really warm days, we have been getting muddier by the day!But, not all was bad - we started the month with our first wedding on the farm - Steph and Rich became Mr and Mrs Coward amid gorgeous sunshine, surrounded by their friends and family ... couldn't be happier for them!We said farewell at the end of the month to Carlos, the visiting Large Black boar who had been here for a few... read more

    Quick and Easy Summer Apple Salsa

    14/07/2017 Robert's Quick and Easy Summer Apple SalsaThe perfect accompaniment to a BBQ or Roast - 15 minutes to prepare  Ingredients:3 Eating Apples, Braeburn or similarPlenty of Sage and a little Mint2.5cm piece of fresh ginger, peeled1 clove garlicJuice of 2 lemons1 chilliSaltSugar/honey- optional Instructions:Peel,core and roughly chop the applesExcept for the salt and sugar, put all the ingredients into a blender (start with just a little mint - it can overpower). Blend until smooth.Taste, adjust as necessary with salt and sugar - but don't make it sweet, keep it tangyServe!... read more

    June 2017 Farm Round-Up

    01/07/2017 Without wanting to sound like a tabloid journalist, Phew, what a scorcher!!  HOT HOT HOT!On the one hand, I know it is summer, the sun is going to come out and yes, I realise that it will get hot, but seriously .....  !On the plus side, the pigs seem very happy with their lot.  At least we don't have the nightmare task that sheep owners have - pigs don't need an appointment with the shearer!  The pigs all grow a thicker coat in winter - especially the Mangalitzas - but shed it naturally.  They seem to all follow the same... read more

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