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    November 2018 Farm Round Up

    30/11/2018 The nights are closing in fast - mornings too of course, but it is the nights I notice most because I have to go out to feed the pigs earlier and earlier - at worst, I'm going out at 3pm!  But looking on the bright side, it is only 3 weeks until the shortest day so not long to go before, bit by bit, the days start getting longer .... roll on Spring!The weather has been very mixed this month - we've had our first snow storm although nothing settled and a couple of days before that, we'd had temperatures... read more

    October 2018 Farm Round Up

    01/11/2018 The days may be getting shorter and British Summer Time ended last week but so far so good - the Autumn weather has been behaving itself very well.  After our year of weather extremes so far - the wettest winter, the Beast from the East plus the Heatwave Summer - I'm happy to report that October was kind to us.  Drier than usual, a lot of our ditches are still completely dry, we've had sunshine aplenty, warm days, blue skies .... and a few heavy frosts and a bit of rain .... but this will do nicely.  Those paddocks that... read more

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