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    An Invitation: Farm Tour and Pork Supper

    19/04/2019 Come and join us on June 2nd for our annual Slow Pig.  You'll tour the farm, meet the rare breed pigs, try some charcuterie made on the farm and feast on a porky supper. A great day out.Tickets and more information available HERE... read more

    March 2019 Farm Round Up

    01/04/2019 As February rolled into March, the weather continued to confuse. There were warm sunny days where the pigs were turning over their water troughs to make wallows, frosty mornings with ice to break, sunny, showery days and full-on rain with strong winds - good old British weather - giving us plenty to talk about. But nothing as extreme as the Beast from the East which blasted through in March last year, only to be followed by a heatwave summer.  I for one have been wishing for a year of 'moderation' in our weather in 2019.  The extremes are interesting to look back... read more

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