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    February 2019 Farm Round up

    28/02/2019 Snowy February - that's a sentence I can understand and we kicked off the month with a really heavy fall - a real blanket came down and covered the farm. It looked beautiful, was not too cold and didn't last long, thank goodness - no repeat of last year's Beast of the East. As always, plenty of lovely photo opportunities , a quick video and  it even made the local news :-)Heatwave February - that's not something that trips off the tongue quite so easily but, this year, very true. A really confusing month for nature - there are trees... read more

    January 2019 - Farm Round Up

    01/02/2019 After a crazy busy Christmas and New Year, the dust settled and we had a lovely review from our cottage guests over the festive season - always nice to get feedback!  If you fancy a luxury break-away this Spring, check out some photos and availability HERE.The Guinea Fowl aren't so keen on the super cold nights - they were originally from Africa after all. They get a generous scoop of corn every evening to help fuel them through the winter evenings - and there is a new member of the team - a Partridge has joined the flock. He's a lot... read more

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