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    July 2019 Farm Round Up

    31/07/2019 Summer rolls on and happily, a more British summer this year. I know not everyone appreciates a bit of rain every now and then but last summer's heatwave had significant downsides so this year's mixed forecast has been welcomed!The grass (and weeds) are having a bumper year - the tractor has been kept busy topping the fields to try to keep the thistles and docks at bay. Pigs will eat most things but whilst nettles, dandelions, buttercups etc are fair game, the thistles and docks are ignored. We try to stick to the old farming adage: Top in May, they're... read more

    June 2019 Farm Round Up

    01/07/2019 It's definitely summer - whilst the weather has been somewhat patchy, new life is popping up all over the farm albeit of the feathered variety! I wonder if we should re-do our logo to include birds?Our first spot was a red-legged partridge and her chicks in the guinea fowl barn. Not a total surprise this one - we had a partridge join the guinea flock last winter. They seemed OK having her around and she took full advantage of the morning and evening feed rounds. Then she disappeared so I think I know what she was up to. She returned... read more

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