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    Slow Pig Sunday - June 18th

    11/05/2017 Farm Tour, taste the Charcuterie and a delicious Pork Supper Our annual Slow Pig open day takes place on Sunday June 18th.  Come and meet the pigs, try some British charcuterie and tuck into a delicious rare breed pork supper.   Find out more about Rare Breeds and how they are being preserved, learn about the Slow Food movement and how it is working to educate consumers and protect rare foods. Are you worried about the scare stories that you see in the press - who knows what to believe!   If you care about where your food comes from, come and find out... read more

    April 2017 Farm Round-Up

    01/05/2017 April is a fun month - lots to do, the weather has not made up its mind whether it is still winter or summer, the birds are singing their hearts out - all things to make you smile.A bit of a giggle at the beginning of the month - we participated in an April Fools' spoof press release ... see link ... joking apart, I think it is a marvellous idea :-)  The piglets that arrived courtesy of our lovely Large Black sow, Fatty, are thriving - they are now 4 weeks old and sturdy little chaps - they race... read more

    March 2017 Farm RoundUp

    01/04/2017 What a month of changes and activity - we've had heavy frosts which means breaking the ice on the water troughs in the mornings and we've had hot sunny days which have brought my freckles out in force!  And delighted to report that the rain has mostly stayed away and we've had one of the driest Springs - maybe a very negative thing, all global warming impact etc, but a big bonus to those of us who spend their mornings and evenings walking round in wellies!The days are noticeably longer, the sun definitely warmer and the grass is growing strongly.... read more

    It's official - Spring is here!

    27/03/2017 There are differing opinions as to the official start date of Spring - March 1st according to the Meteorological guys, March 21st say the Astronomers.  But they are both wrong - March 27th - that was the day our first piglets of the year arrived (courtesy of our Large Black sow, Fatty) and we found our first Guinea Fowl eggs of the year ... discreetly hidden underneath a clump of stinging nettles!! ... read more

    Piglet watch has begun

    25/03/2017 Our lovely Large Black sow, known to us as Fatty (yes really) is just a few days from farrowing so she has been moved to her own paddock - time to settle in, rearrange the straw to suit and prepare herself for what is to come.  It's not her first litter so hopefully, she's ready to go!... read more

    Wiltshire Life Awards 2017

    24/03/2017 Buttle Farm at the Wiltshire Life Awards 2017 - a wonderful evening celebrating all that is great in this county! We were proud to be nominated and runner up in the Independent Food and Drink category. Many congrats to the fine winners, Henderson's Artisan Bakery in Salisbury and also to fellow nominees, Helen Browning's Organic. ... read more

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