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    Super Simple Marinaded Kebabs

    16/06/2017 Five Minute Prep - Asian flavour Rare breed pork kebabs - simple marinade: 500g diced pork leg 4 tbsp soy sauce2 cloves of garlic, crushedGinger - one inch, peeled and grated2 tsps toasted sesame oil4 tsps sugar (pref brown) Mix ingredients together and marinade for  a couple of hours.  Put meat on skewers and grillPut remaining marinade in a small pan and bring to the boil - use to drizzle over cooked kebabs and salad... read more

    New - May 2017 Farm Round-up

    15/06/2017 At last - with a bit of rain, suddenly everything is growing ... in fact, growing so fast, I almost think I can hear it!   Eyelashes, our Berkshire sow produced her litter early in the month - she was enormous so we were slightly disappointed with the small litter but she seemed very pleased with herself and is well so we'll settle for that.  The piglets were lively from Day 1 and have kept us entertained all month with their antics!  We also had our first Guinea Fowl hatch of the year - 28 eggs in the incubator and 25... read more

    Flat Packs for Pigs ?

    30/05/2017 We chose the hottest day of the month (and of the year so far) to build a new ark for the pigs to replace the one that they 'rearranged' recently - it all went together pretty well but phew, scorchio!! ... read more

    Let's go Open Plan!

    24/05/2017 Clearly the Large Blacks were not happy with their accommodation so have made it a little more open plan! Not sure that even baling twine can fix this one!... read more

    Getting Braver by the Day

    22/05/2017 The lovely weather means the little ones are out exploring - getting braver but still sticking very close to mum!  ... read more

    Slow Pig Sunday - June 18th

    11/05/2017 Farm Tour, taste the Charcuterie and a delicious Pork Supper Our annual Slow Pig open day takes place on Sunday June 18th.  Come and meet the pigs, try some British charcuterie and tuck into a delicious rare breed pork supper.   Find out more about Rare Breeds and how they are being preserved, learn about the Slow Food movement and how it is working to educate consumers and protect rare foods. Are you worried about the scare stories that you see in the press - who knows what to believe!   If you care about where your food comes from, come and find out... read more

    New Life on the Farm

    11/05/2017 Our lovely Berkshire sow, Eyelashes, produced her piglets yesterday so this morning, I snook into the ark while she was out having breakfast - they're a lively bunch already - this was the only photo in focus!! Lovely to see!!... read more

    April 2017 Farm Round-Up

    01/05/2017 April is a fun month - lots to do, the weather has not made up its mind whether it is still winter or summer, the birds are singing their hearts out - all things to make you smile.A bit of a giggle at the beginning of the month - we participated in an April Fools' spoof press release ... see link ... joking apart, I think it is a marvellous idea :-)  The piglets that arrived courtesy of our lovely Large Black sow, Fatty, are thriving - they are now 4 weeks old and sturdy little chaps - they race... read more

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