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    NEW: September 2017 Farm Round Up

    01/10/2017 So, the kids are all back at school and we eagerly anticipated the late Summer hot spell ... and we waited ... and we waited!  In vain!  It hasn't been a TERRIBLE month, just not good enough to redeem the performance in July and August - so, as we speak, I've got a heap of green tomatoes in the house, trying to get a few more ripe.  I've been given a number of 'highly recommended' ideas on how to ripen them, so will report back next month with the winner!! Bertie the Oxford Sandy & Black boar has been at work... read more

    New: August Farm Round Up

    01/09/2017 August started as July finished - wet!  After the incredibly dry spring, when everyone was hoping for rain, the weather is back to normal - lovely weather, rain, often both on the same day.  Some of our fields are muddier now than they were in February or March - very odd.  We can only hope that we have some form of Indian summer - probably once the kids go back to school - we certainly need it - by the end of August, I had managed to pick the sum total of ONE red tomato.  Without a good dose of... read more

    Berry Delicious

    19/08/2017 Yum - free food, tasty, good for me and easily available round the farm so I can breakfast on the go!  What more could a girl ask?  ... read more

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