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    2019 Farm Round Up Summary

    31/12/2019 With the festive season behind us, it is time to reflect on the year just gone with all its twists and turns.  With some relief, it was not a year of weather extremes - no massive heatwave, no Beast from the East to test us - plenty of variety to talk about but we were happy with a 'moderate' year!The early months were, as always, quite quiet - a case of managing the animals well through the winter months, making sure they are all well, warm and happy while planning and preparing for the warmer weather to come.February saw frosts... read more

    November 2019 Farm Round Up

    28/11/2019 Rain - light rain - heavy rain - showers - drizzle - November has brought the lot!  Whilst we are not struggling as much as folks in the Yorkshire area, it is VERY wet here.  The pigs don't seem to mind - they are much more agile in the muddy areas than I am but their feet are designed to work well in mud and fortunately, they don't suffer from the foot issues that seem to plague sheep.  A dry December would be very welcome - with regards to the weather that is .... !Every season brings different tasks on... read more

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