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    Unique Gift Ideas

    Got a hard-to-please foodie friend?  There's always one.  Well, here are a few outrageous ideas  - gifts that you can guarantee will surprise and delight ...

    A distinctly NOT-BORING Gift Voucher:
    Don't know what they would like, or when they would like it?  Solve the problem with a Buttle Farm gift voucher.  Value from £25 any value you wish.  Especially good for those last-minute panics - we can mail direct on your behalf if you wish!
    For the Gourmet/Gourmand:
    A whole leg of 100% pedigree rare breed British air-dried ham aged for a minimum of 18 months - what a magnificent centrepiece - and with a bit of luck, when they unwrap it, they will start carving straight away and you'll get to share!  Priced according to size from £200-£300.
    Makin' Bacon (and sausages):
    Get hands-on with a half day practical session:  an introduction to pork butchery, boning, skinning, knife skills and an opportunity to make your own sausages and bacon.  Course group limited to two people - no waiting around for 'your turn'.   Work on the loin and belly from half a Buttle Farm 100% pedigree rare breed pig plus extra for making sausages - take some away with you same day, and we'll ship the bacon to you when it is ready (mainland GB only).  Four hour course for two people, all meat and refreshments included - £495 including VAT.
    The Whole Hog (well, half actually)
    A full day of butchery and charcuterie training:  start with half a Buttle Farm 100% pedigree rare breed pig and end up with a selection of roasting joints, chops, bones for stock, bacon and ham in to cure, sausages and salamis stuffed.  Maximum 2 people for a true hands-on session - an introduction to pork butchery including boning, skinning, curing and knife skills.  Take the fresh pork away on the day and collect (or we can ship - mainland GB only) the cured product when it is ready.    
    8am-5pm - for two people, including refreshments, lunch and all produce - £895 including VAT.
    Your Wish is our Command:
    And if you have an idea we haven't thought about yet, tell us and we will try to make it happen!

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